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Below you can find details of my education and main research and teaching positions. You can download the complete CV by clicking here. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions :)

Current Position

 - UFRGS/Brazil

Conducting the research project "Made in Brazil: mapping practices and cultures game development in Brazil"


Lecturer in Media and Communication - Erasmus University Rotterdam

Lecturer and  BA/MA thesis supervisor within the Department of Media and Communication.

2014 - 2019

PhD In Media and Game Studies -King`s College London

Thesis Title: Gaming Politics: Gender and Sexuality on Earth and Beyond
Supervisors: Dr. Sarah Atkinson; Dr. Colin Harvey


Master of Philosophy in Social Communication - UFMG/Brazil

Dissertation title: Produce, Consume, Collaborate: Unique Experiences in the Practice of Crowdfunding
Supervisor: Dr. Marcio Simeone Henriques


Bachelor of Social Communication/Journalism

Dissertation title: From Ceará to Canada, Izzy Nobre: Visibility, Performance, and Charisma as Elements of Anonymity Rupture on the Internet
Supervisor: Professor Vera Regina Veiga França


Graduate Teaching Assistant - King's College London

Teaching assistant in several BA modules of the Digital Cultures BA

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